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Know the Features and Benefits of a UK Toll Free Number

Flag-of-the-week-United-Kingdom-300x165What is a UK toll free number?

UK toll free numbers are free phone numbers through which people in the UK would be capable of contacting a person at no cost. If you are a business owner to reach a customer or a business partner in the United Kingdom, it is a shrewd option to consider UK toll free numbers. If you would like to expand your business overseas or to reach completely new clients, a UK toll free number can assist by making your business familiar with new markets, offering you a free and trouble-free way of contacting. When you choose to get such number, it can make your business life easier.

How the UK toll free number works?

There are well-known UK cloud communications providers in big cities, including Birmingham, London, Leeds, Sheffield, Glasgow, and in other cities. These providers would focus on meeting the international calling requirements of hotels, call centers, tour operators, and international enterprises looking to plan a local presence. They will provide telecommunications and improved VoIP solutions, as well as toll free services, call recording, call termination, call center solutions, Cloud PBXs, toll free numbers globally, SIP trunks, local numbers worldwide, DID/DDI numbers, business telephone systems, VPN solutions, conference calling and VoIP phone systems.

As the UK toll free number allows your customers to contact you toll free, these providers can forward incoming calls from different countries to your office, your mobile phone, or any other phone number you decide. This allows you to serve existing and new clients in the UK market. They are capable of offering consistent call center solutions, which are customized to meet the unique communications requirements of their customers around the world. They will work directly with you to deliver a groundbreaking, high quality, cost-efficient solution to improve operational efficiency, and performance of your business.

Features and benefits of the UK toll free number?

When you get a UK toll free phone number, you will have access to a range of diverse features. 

  • You will be capable of forwarding any phone calls made to your business toll free phone number to any device or location you can think of, including both VoIP and landlines.
  • You can even redirect calls to your mobile appliance, allowing you to operate your business on the go.
  • The control panel of a UK toll free number service will also offer you the option to direct calls to diverse locations and devices, according to the time of day, which will be extremely useful for your business dealings.
  • You will also have the alternative to drive calls from your number to more than one locations immediately that will allow you to make sure that all incoming calls are answered, irrespective of their type.

A UK toll free number that comes with International ring-back tones will also assist by making your UK clients feel more at ease because they will boast the comfort of distinguishing the tone on their telephones.


A UK toll free number can assist your business anywhere in the world and it is reliable resource for global toll free numbers, including Canada and US toll free numbers and universal international free-phone numbers. These numbers are a cost-efficient way to connect with your customers personally in countries where you do not have your physical attendance.

Work Smarter, Not Harder with the eVoice Voice Mail System


evoice-logoIn general, working “smarter” means investing in products and tools that show ROI by increasing productivity and generating profits. We work smarter when we do things that save time and boost efficiency. It means getting more out of marketing by targeting niche markets in the right way, and taking carefully planned steps to help you meet your goals as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We all need to work smarter in today’s competitive global market, and one of the most intelligent decisions a business of any size can make is acquiring a business phone system. There are a number of reasons why this extremely helpful communications apparatus makes you work smarter:

  • Efficiency means higher productivity – Entrepreneurs who are self employed, or have one or two employees, are acutely aware of time management issues because they get tasked with so many aspects of the business. A virtual number helps a great deal in this regard because it takes care of several basic communication issues that would have otherwise taken up valuable time. Efficiency is increased even more if the phone system can be used to help organize your calls.
  • Save money – Pay a small monthly fee for a modern phone system instead of the much higher cost of hiring a personal assistant. Your calls will be answered 24 hours a day with a professional voice and can be transferred to previously set up extensions or numbers.
  • Expansion – The extent to which the Internet can be used for selling products and services has made it easier for companies to expand into new markets. Virtual numbers are a valuable asset for expanding your business because they let you set up local numbers in cities on the other side of the nation—or even throughout the world.

Success in business requires making smart decisions. Make one of the smartest and easiest decisions for your business by acquiring a virtual number from eVoice.

Global Call Forwarding Service Perfect For Home Businesses, Small Business Owners

Global Call ForwardingGlobal Call Forwarding offers perfect blend of call forwarding services for entrepreneurs and small to mid-size businesses

When I talk with entrepreneurs or small business owners, the subject of office communication is usually a popular topic. It’s a constant struggle for business owners to handle all that they have to do to create new business, let alone figure out how to deal with incoming calls, customer service and the constant string of messages that come in on a daily basis.

So I always recommend that professionals investigate Global Call Forwarding. To which they usually reply, “What is Global Call Forwarding?” In case you’re one of those that need more information, here is a rundown of what Global Call Forwarding does, and why it’s important to contact them immediately!

Global Call Forwarding develops and markets voice message systems and call forwarding services that are affordable and feature-rich. These systems enable businesses and professional offices of any size to better communicate with potential customers, existing clients, colleagues, patients and associates. The various communication packages that are offered have done wonders for businesses, and include:

  • toll-free calling
  • voice mail boxes
  • follow-me-forwarding
  • e-mail voice and fax delivery

And those offerings are just the beginning of the features that Global Call Forwarding can bring. So that leads to the question, “What type of customer is best suited for these services?”

Shopping Tips For Finding Call Forwarding Solutions

5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Call Forwarding Number

Home based business owners need top-notch call forwarding services, unlimited flexibility

Are you completely fed up with answering the phone, missing important calls and keeping phone messages straight? Could you really use an assistant, but don’t have the room or the money to hire one? Well, it’s time to relax, because there is a simple solution that will meet your small business needs and help you find a little relief from the insanity that is your business world.

The answer? Call forwarding solutions that will help enhance your professional image, while paving the way for increased productivity, all at the same time. With the right provider, you will receive a full selection of features that can serve your business, no matter how small or big.

The first step? Get a toll-free phone number. Studies have shown time and time again that businesses with an 800 service are seen as competent and established by consumers. You will be perceived as reliable and customer-service oriented.

So how can you benefit from call forwarding solutions?

You’ll want to choose a provider that offers advanced features and unlimited flexibility. These services should include:

  • Unified messaging
  • Teleconference
  • Voice to text transcription
  • Specialized services
  • 800 numbers and vanity number options
  • Customized features

And that’s just to get you started! A company like Global Call Forwarding can meet your needs when it comes to call forwarding solutions, and you’ll suddenly find the time you need to focus on new things besides manning the phone … like your business!

Unique Ways a Local Call Forwarding Number Can Enhance Your Small Business

In the competitive atmosphere of the present day global economy, there is a greater need for companies to invest in tools that help them meet goals and increase profits. Small businesses in particular are presented with more challenges and difficulties than in the past. However, at the same time, rapid improvements in technology give small businesses the chance to move ahead of the competition.

One such tool is a business phone system because it provides a means of adapting to new communication dynamics.

Just a few of the ways that your business can be enhanced by using a local call forwarding number with voice mail service are:

  • Improving appearance at little cost – Appearance is everything and especially so for small businesses that have yet to establish their brand or that want to expand into new regions. As soon as their call is answered, they are further impressed and convinced of the serious nature of the company upon hearing a professionally recorded message that directs them to any of several extensions. This invaluable appearance comes at a fraction of the costs incurred to pay for an assistant and other employees.
  • Receiving voicemails as text – You might not be available to listen to a voicemail and when you do hear it, the message might not be clear enough to understand. A voice mail system can easily solve these issues by also sending your voicemail as text and email messages. That way, you can immediately see the message on your mobile device or laptop when you receive a voicemail, rather than needing to access your system. This enhances your business because it saves time and increases efficiency.
  • Establishing a local presence far from home – A local call forwarding number allows you to work from home, Fiji, or Austria — even if customers are calling a number in Toledo, Ohio. This seemingly impossible arrangement is easily accomplished because you simply don’t need to live where the local phone number is “located”. This enhances your business because it can help with expanding into various areas of the country. If a business goal includes marketing to a specific city or county, acquiring a phone number for that area could be a critical step to reaching that goal.

These are just a few of the ways that a local call forwarding number can be used to stay in the red in a highly competitive environment. To experience these and other benefits of a local call forwarding number, take a free trial with a call forwarding service.

Top Ten Resources for Small Business that Use Voice Mail Service

Starting and maintaining a small business is always a challenge. With that said, it’s common for small business owners to feel lost or overwhelmed with the process. Fortunately, in addition to acquiring a business phone system, there are several organizations and resources that can help facilitate becoming an entrepreneur. The following are ten that every small business should be aware of…

Small Business Administration (SBA) – This federal agency supports small businesses by making counselors available to them–ensuring that 23% of federal contracts are awarded to them–and by working with banks to provide them loans. – As one of the best online resources for business, this website is frequently updated with articles and blog posts.

SCORE – This nonprofit organization provides excellent mentoring to small businesses for free. They also provide information about various small business related workshops, events, and templates. – This comprehensive website and online magazine is filled with articles and personal stories told by small business entrepreneurs. – A website associated with Entrepreneur Magazine, acting as a clearinghouse for small business related publications. Everything from e-books to guides on starting up a business in every state are available.

National Federation of Independent Business – Calling itself the voice of small business, this association supports and represents small and independent businesses in a number of ways. Their stated mission is “to promote and protect the rights of our members to own, operate, and grow their businesses.”small business owner whose efficiency improves and benefits from resources like a voice mail service and virtual phone number – A no-nonsense website that connects buyers with sellers, providing a useful platform for building a small business.

The Center for Business – This easy-to-use website is frequently updated with links to a variety of business related stories and articles.

National Association of Small Business Investment Companies (NASBIC) – This organization of venture capitalists promotes investment in the small business sector. It is associated with the Small Business Investment Company Industry.

American Association of Franchisees and Dealers (AAFD) – This non-profit association represents independent dealers and franchisees in the United States. Their stated mission is to “define, identify, and use marketplace solutions to promote Total Quality Franchising.”

Keep in mind that every business was small at its conception. Experience how a voice mail system can help your business grow.

Use Auto Attendant Recording Because You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression

123-auto-attendant-iconFirst impressions are the ones that last. When most people meet someone new, they generate opinions about the other person without even thinking about it. The picture that stays with us comes from that first meeting, so if you want to easily impress, you have to do it at that first vital moment.

People can change their opinion about someone once they get to know them, but it’s always much more difficult to shake the feelings inspired by that first impression. It’s how we function, and also plays a very important role for business.

Many potential clients approach a business with caution or trepidation because they want to be careful about how they spend their money. If they don’t know anything about the product or service in question, then they need to feel convinced that it’s worth buying. To get to that point, however, they have to feel comfortable with the vendor.

One of the most simple yet critically important ways to make a potential client feel comfortable is with the greeting they hear when calling. If they haven’t met you in person, this recording will act as part of that fundamental first impression.

A quality voice mail system can help in this regard because it will provide a professionally recorded message that will give the appearance of a personal assistant.

New Enhancement: Call Routing Schedules

custom-call-routingThis month we are excited to discuss several new enhancements to call forwarding service. Today, I want to talk more about one of the most requested items from customers, Call Routing Schedules.

Some customers are tired of only having two options for Call Forwarding. They could either forward their calls 24/7 or send all calls to voice mail, and to change this they had to login to their account each time. The inconvenience and inflexibility of this for busy customers was understood and adding Call Routing Schedules, was deemed necessary by a few Telecom providers.

What is a Call Routing Schedule?

You might want to know what a Call Routing Schedule is and how can it benefit you. Call Routing Schedules give you the ability to customize when you are available to answer calls from United World Telecom and what numbers United World Telecom will try to reach you on. This new feature allows you to set up multiple Call Routing Schedules for each of your users. You can even add different forwarding numbers for each of your routing schedules. Each user will have their unique Call Routing Schedules with unique numbers and configuration.

This feature is great to use if you forward your calls to your mobile phone and do not want to be bothered late at night or on weekends. You can save yourself some time by activating the Call Routing Schedules and not have to worry about screening your calls when you are not available. When someone calls your United World Telecom number outside of your Call Routing Schedule they will be sent directly to your United World Telecom company voicemail and you won’t be bothered by your phone ringing. Or let’s say you work in an office during the week, but want your clients to be able to reach on the weekends as well. You now have the ability to set up your eVoice number to try to reach you Monday – Friday at your office and then set up a different schedule to try to reach you Saturday and Sunday on your home or mobile phone, but your customers still get welcomed by your auto attendant.

Going away on vacation and want to turn off your number? You now have the option to do so under Call Routing. Use the Override Call Routing feature and select to send calls directly to voicemail. Or let’s say you want to send your calls temporarily to another phone number, this can be accomplished as well, using the Override Call Routing option. You can easily turn on and off the Override Call Routing feature through the customer interface. And don’t worry, it will save your Call Routing Schedules, so you don’t have to set up the scheduling each time your use the override feature.

Sounds like it would benefit you? Try it out! If you aren’t yet a customer, sign up today and give it a try.

Three Tips for Integrating Web Conferencing

Teliris_VL_ModularMore than ever before, cloud services are playing an increasingly bigger role in B2B interactions.

Today, mobile professionals, including freelancers and remote teams, rely on cloud based tools to work and communicate regardless of location. In recognition of this trend in an increasingly mobile workforce, United World Telecom has launched Web Conferencing, an integrated component to the virtual phone service.

As more professionals telecommute or move between offices, there is a need for communication strategies that fit the new way to work. Web conferencing, such as the integrated tool recently launched by United World Telecom, allows mobile professionals and small business owners to conduct meetings, trainings, webinars or even product demonstrations via the web, without the constraints of location and travel time.

Use the three tips below to integrate web conferencing into your communications strategies.

1. Use web conferencing to follow up on leads. United World Telecom Web Conferencing lets you schedule meetings on the fly or in advance. You can quickly respond to prospective clients without losing momentum.

2. Efficiently manage projects. Use web conferencing to collaborate with project team members. You can share documents, presentations and collaborate in real-time rather saving the time of multiple emails and endless revisions of shared documents.

3. Teach to grow business. Conducting webinars is a great way to establish thought leadership. Providing information and education in your area of expertise lets you show potential clients what you can do.

For more on services like United World Telecom’s Web Conferencing, listen to a podcast interview with eVoice’s Brad Spannbauer or watch this YouTube video.

Cooking Up Success With a Virtual Phone System

While a number of people may think personal chefs are only luxuries for the rich and famous, the truth is that many consumers can use their services. Examples: Anniversary dinners, wedding receptions, rehearsal dinners and other special events could become more intimate with an independent cook.

Personal chefs or caterers are not only food artists of a sort, they are small businesses as well. For this reason, the use of a virtual phone number could be of great help in running an independent cooking or catering business, with the hopes of appearing to be a larger operation — a benefit a virtual phone service can provide.

Independent cooks need to keep their lines of communication open. Clients may call to book an event or set a meet and greet. With features like an auto attendant, call forwarding service, extensions, and voice mail to email, an independent chef or catering company can present a big, successful image by using a virtual phone service.

NetPlaces reported chefs must be open to meeting with a prospective consumer beforehand to take note of the available appliances and food preferences.

Client satisfaction is extremely important in the cooking industry. It would behoove a chef to remain open to communications at any time, which could easily be done with the call routing features of a virtual number.

A virtual phone number would allow cooks to be contacted any time, which could be of help if a client has to cancel. This would save a professional’s time and money if he or she did not get the message and arrived at a venue where he or she was no longer needed.